CPT Tool - Derived Parameters

CPT Tool

The most user-definable Cone Penetration Testing software available.

Log and SBT graph

Work without limits as you define which types of soil data to present in log, fence, cross-section and graph reports.

  • Define correlation formulas and reports
  • 200+ Preconfigured correlations and derivations
  • 600+ customisable log, fence/cross-section and graph reports

CPT Tool places advanced reporting directly in the hands of geotechnical engineers with code-free report definition and an array of formula configurations, analysis and report options unmatched in cone penetration testing.

Speed up soil data interpretation with rich-data visualisation in any situation, adapting reporting output to changing requirements and conditions across projects.

CPT Tool - Derived Parameters

Derived Parameters

  • Corrected sleeve friction, ft
  • Corrected total cone resistance, qt
  • Differential pore pressure ratio, DPPR
  • Dimensionless penetration resistance, Qt(1-Bq)+1
  • Effective cone resistance, qe
  • Excess pore pressure, Δu
  • Extrapolated shear wave velocity, Vs
  • Friction ratio, Rf
  • In situ effective vertical stress, σvo'
  • In situ total vertical stress, Σvo
  • Net cone resistance, qn
  • Normalised cone resistance, Qt
  • Normalised excess pore pressure
  • Normalised friction ratio, Fr
  • Penetration Rate
  • Pore pressure ratio, Bq
  • qc and qt moving average, stepped average and strata average
  • qc design line
  • Stress Normalised Cone Resistance, qt1

CPT QC QT VS ELEVATION COLOUR Graph (click for pdf)

CPTU NORMALISED N60 Log Report (click for pdf)